Do you want better service from your physician? If so, Orlando Concierge Medicine might be what you need.

Imagine connecting with a doctor who knows you and not just your medical chart?

Imagine that doctor being available to you anytime you need?

That is what Orlando Concierge Doctors can do for you.

You deserve the highest quality, proactive Orlando Florida concierge medical care that puts your needs as a patient first.

You need a Orlando Florida Concierge Doctor

  • The last time you called your doctor’s office, how long did you have to wait?
  • How long do you usually have to wait to get an appointment or wait for a prescription to be called in?
  • When you get to the office, how long do you spend in the waiting room and how much time does the doctor spend with you?
  • Do you have an uneasy feeling about your future health care requirements?
  • Do you see a physician assistant or nurse practitioner when you go to your physician’s office with the expectation of seeing your doctor?

Physicians no longer build personal relationships with their patients, and health care is reactive rather than proactive. As a result, we waste billions every year managing preventable conditions, while the health of our patients is compromised.

FL Concierge Medicine is a growing solution and the answer to your growing healthcare concerns.

What Exactly Is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is a private form of practice where doctors charge patients an out-of-pocket retainer fee for full access to their services.

Unfortunately, Florida healthcare today is driven solely by the bottom line. Insurance companies now dictate what care a patient can or cannot receive.

The health care system today is unresponsive, disorganized, overwhelming and fraught with frustration and uncertainty.

Physicians spend an average of ten minutes or less with each patient. In fact, Medicare has created incentives for doctors to see more patients in even shorter intervals.

Concierge medicine allows doctors to charge a flat monthly fee for services.

Patient loads typically decrease when a physician switches from more traditional fee-per-service practice to concierge medicine.

Many Orlando concierge practices offer same or next day appointments, no long waits for appointments or prescription refills, direct access to your personal physician day or night, house calls if necessary, continuing care if hospitalized, complete physical examinations, audiometry screening, cardiovascular and cancer risk screening, more attention to preventive care, unrushed appointments, all questions answered, family meetings if needed, coordination of care with specialists, provision of personal health records on CDs or flash drives, etc., etc.

Office visits are at least 30 minutes, basic tests are provided at no additional charge, and patients enjoy phone and email access to their physicians. Some practices may offer more services, such as house calls, free EKGs and medications at wholesale prices. Practices can elect to continue to accept Medicare and Medicaid or opt out of all types of insurance reimbursements, giving them more freedom to practice without following the mandates that come with insurance paper work.

Overall, the concept of concierge medicine provides a good alternative to the currently unsatisfying traditional model of medical practice.

A concierge doctor may have 500 patients, while a doctor in a traditional practice may have 2,000. The doctor with the 500 patients is on retainer and has predictable revenue. The physician also spends more time with the patient and gets to know them. The doctor with thousands of patients may be hard-pressed to form that same type of relationship and is paid only when a patient comes in.

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